Sunday, January 28, 2007

KAL: Where ya' at?

So who is where on their socks?

Still on the foot or getting ready to turn the heel?

What heel are you using -- the gusset toe up heel or the short row heel?

How's the Magic Loop process working for you?


Dawn said...

I am still in the same spot with deciding on the pattern for the instep and leg. My toes are just sitting there waiting for me to decide, so I think I will just go with a plain instep and a 4x2 rib for the leg. I am doing these socks in Top of the Lamb Heather Grey.

So far, I like both the ML and 2C method equally well. It is nice to have many methods to choose from, and it certainly broadens the SIP possibilities through the availabilty of "empty needles". *grin*

Could someone post instructions on how to upload photos, please?


Reclaiming Spirit said...

If you have a free Flickr account you can post the photos there, or you can also insert the photos into a new post! I think the blog is set up so that any member can create a post!

The Flickr photo album is at:

Anonymous said...

I have completed the foot and am ready to start the gusset increases. I am going to take some time today to study this in the book!! And I need to make another double loop marker since I'll need two. I started a k2 p2 rib about halfway up the foot part; originally I planned to do this in st stitch, but it was looking a little plain so I started the rib. I saw it done this way in a pattern, so I didn't feel badly about starting the rib later. These are my first socks with the CTH method, I did start another sock earlier using the two needle method from another book, cuff up, and I sure like this way a lot better! I feel like I would have never moved along this far without the group. I am posting all my pics to my blog. Visit my blog here

Angela :o) said...

I'm working up the foot and starting to gusset increase. This is my third pair of socks, so I'm going to pass on patterning the instep. I'm making mine out of Mod-Dea Sassy strips (Smokey)that I found in the bargain bin at Michaels for $2.00. I think I'll Slip Stitch the heel. ;) For the cuff I'm going to use QK's rib lace from page 64. *crosses fingers* -Good luck all! Love, Ang

Dawn said...

Where is everyone on this KAL?? There hasn't been a post since January 28!

I am still knitting on the foot of my socks, but I am almost to the "i" measurement where I can start the heel.

I am going to knit a short row heel, for the first time. I don't have a high arch, but I am wondering if anyone has put in the mini gussett and been happier with the fit even if they do not have a high arch.

*STILL* haven't decided on the leg pattern. I don't know why nothing comes to me on these socks! Maybe it is because they are blah grey??


Anonymous said...

I am turning the heel on one of my socks now, and since this is my first, I am so happy I was able to figure it out. As far as what type of heel I'm doing, I guess it is the short row? I'm just following the book and it does mention short row, so I guess that's what I'm doing. My new picture is on my blog:
Visit my blog here
--Anyone else have photos? I would love to see some comments and pics from other members, those who have more sock knowledge and those who are newer to the experience like me.
Laurel in NC

Corni said...

I'm at the point of the GUSSET INCREASE. For some reason, I'm stumped - because it's the first time on the Magic Loop for me.

HELP! Do I just work on the socks' "underside" - back and forth - increasing for the gusset - and leave the topside stitches on the needle? Or do I increase for the gussets on the undersides, and knit the topside stitches as usual?

Thanks for the help -- Corni

Dawn said...

I am so happy to see some new posts!

Laurel-your socks are lovely! What yarn are you using?

Corni-I am at the same spot as you, so hopefully some of the more experienced MagicLoopers will respond!

What leg pattern is everyone doing?


Anonymous said...

My yarn is Knitpicks "Dancing", and it's a cotton/wool/nylon/elastic blend. I think it was a very good choice for first socks since the yarn is so stretchy, easy to lift stitches, and also the color changes were good because it enabled me to distinguish the different stitches easier. This yarn has more of a cottony feel than wool, will be great during the warmer months too. Corni, I am new too, but I am a bit farther along the sock on mine, and you should knit all the way around (both sides) even when doing the gusset increases. You want the whole sock to continue until the heel part. When you get to the heel, you will be doing just ONE heel at a time, back and forth until done, then switching to the other heel, and when the second heel is done, then you will go ahead and pick up the other sides again and go around and around for the cuff. I believe I have this right, but if any more experienced sock knitters can add something, please do! Dawn, please see my comment in the other post about how to upload pictures to the Flickr group-- would love to see your socks too!

Corni said...

Laurel -- Thanks for the info. I'll be getting back to the socks tonight, with your help! I knew there was a place to work on one sock -- and the heel part makes sense.

I am using a beautiful teal colored yarn from Mountain Colors. Thx again! Corni