Thursday, May 10, 2007

First Socks Done!

I am so happy I was able to accomplish this! I never thought I'd be able to make socks! These socks were made with Knitpicks fingering weight, 41% Cotton, 39% Wool, 13% Nylon, 7% Elastic. This was a good yarn for first socks, I think, because the elastic made it easy to pull and manipulate the stitches and the color changes made it easy to see the different stitches and purl bumps. The mostly cotton fiber is good for a spring/summer sock, and at $2.99/50gm ball, it can't be beat! And I love the toe up magic loop method, it will definitely be my preferred one. I used Addi #2's, 32 inch length. I had started a pair of cuff down socks on two circs before, but never finished them. Two circs method is good too, but I like the idea of only two needles better. Many thanks to Mary Ann and her great book, and also the help and encouragement of people on the Yahoo group and this group, I think I needed that to be sucessful.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Posting on the Blog...

I see that there are a ton of comments in the last post -- are you guys aware that if you joined the KAL, you can create a new post and not have to post just in the comments? :)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

KAL: Where ya' at?

So who is where on their socks?

Still on the foot or getting ready to turn the heel?

What heel are you using -- the gusset toe up heel or the short row heel?

How's the Magic Loop process working for you?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

KAL: Moving onto the foot of your sock!

Once you are done with the toe increases, it's time to start the foot of your sock.

Now, you've got a decision to make! Are you starting your cuff patterning the top of your foot? If so, what pattern are you using?

NOTE: Remember you only pattern the TOP of your foot, leaving the bottom 1/2 of the sock foot plain stockinette. (....rolling eyes...remembering the time I start to K2P2 rib the bottom of a sock because I wasn't paying attention...)

KAL Chat: Flickr Group and Sock Photo

I think to upload the photos you need to have a free Flickr account to sign into. I've had a Flickr account for awhile which allows me to store all my digital pictures online to link to my blog and what not. :)

I'm interested to see Laurel's socks in Knit Picks "Dancing" sock yarn, it's always hard for me to tell how a yarn will work up from a photo of a skein -- and this is one yarn I've looked at a few times with interest! I cheated and started my socks before the Jan 19th kick off date, but they were CTH method in Cascade Sassy Stripes Superwash yarn on a US 1 needle using Magic Loop . They are plain stockinette stitch with just a bit of K2 P2 ribbing at the top of the leg.

I really liked the yarn and know that my local yarn store has some more in a dark blue/maroon stripe that I *need* to go get for myself so that I can start another pair of socks for moi!

Monday, January 22, 2007

KAL Chat: How's it going?

I saw that Dawn is done with her toe increases! So, I created a Flickr group where we can post photos! I've never made a Flickr group before, so I hope I did it right.

The direct address for the Flickr group is:

Friday, January 19, 2007

KAL: We're off and knitting!

Ok, so you have your sock yarn, your long cabled needle, your stitch markers and your CTH book, right? (The KAL is assuming that you already know how to knit socks on two circulars using the method explained in the CTH book and have experience in knitting socks. It's not going to teach MAB's method step by step but will give some basics on Magic Loop.)

Well, then what are we waiting for?

  • Cast on sock on using the aloha cast on method in the book. You're just casting on the initial stitches for sock one using both ends of your long cabled needle.

  • Gently schooch those cast on stitches down towards the cable -- you're still holding the two needle ends together of the one long needle so the you can cast on the initial stitches in the aloha method for sock two. Now you're either using a second ball of yarn or the other end of one large ball of yarn, just like when you are using two circulars in the book!

  • Hold the needle in your left hand with the yarn hanging in the back and the needle ends parallel and one on top of the other, but with the pointy ends even pointing to the right. Now gently push the stitches for sock number one back up the cable towards the second sock that you cast on and is sitting on the needle edges.

    Now you have two socks cast onto the one needle right? 1/2 the stitches of each sock are on each needle side so that they are divided in a similar way to when they are on two circulars -- so instead of pointy needle ends hanging off to the left of your cast on socks, you have the long loop of your cable needle!

  • Carefully pull on the pointy end of the lower needle (yes, there are stitches on it, they'll start to slid onto the cable) and use that end of the needle to start knitting your stitches on the upper needle using the standard aloha CTH method with both the yarn end and the ball of yarn. Go across the first sock, drop the yarns and do the same thing on the second sock -- just like with the two circulars.

  • As you are knitting across the socks the long length of cable will be pulled across the back stitches of each sock and start to appear looped out on the right side as the loop on the left side gets smaller. This is the "magic loop" part.

    There are various online tutorials, one with some good photos is:

    Another good link is:

So, if you have questions or better yet great photos, post 'em on here! Now, let's get moving on our toe increases!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

almost ready

I have the needles, the book, the yarn, but I haven't decided on a pattern yet. I think I want to go simple. This is the first time to do two on one. The first time to do socks even. Am I making a big jump. Yes. Can I do it. I don't see why not. I have done every thing involved in socks. I've just never sat down and did them.
This group of Sock-A-Long ladies are going to be my incentive. Now to go decide which toe up I'm going to use.