Sunday, January 7, 2007

KAL -- Set up & Materials Needed for January 19th Cast On

Here's the materials that you'll need to get started:
  • Sock Yarn: either two balls of 50 grams each, or one 100 gram ball *which will require you to work from both ends of the yarn* Be aware that using a self striping yarn and knitting from both ends will make the socks "fraternal" and the striping will be upside down on one sock.

  • Needle: Your favorite size needle in a 47" to 60" cable length. Some people use a shorter cable, if that works for you then go for it, but for two socks at the same time, it's helpful to have lots of cable to move everything around on. I prefer my Addi Turbo, but I also use the KnitPicks or Denise needles with the long cable when I am using a larger needle size, like a 4 or 5. Your needle size will be up to you and your yarn. :)

  • Other materials: Standard stitch markers and double loop markers for CTH method.

  • Pattern: We're going to make this up as we go! wooo-hoooo! You can use your favorite leg/cuff pattern once we get cast on.
Get your materials together and we can cast on Friday, January 19th -- this should give everyone enough time to get their materials together, ok?


Jennifer said...

Man, we have to wait until the 19th? LOL and giggling. I can't wait to start!

clumberknits said...

Does anyone know how to wind 1 skein of sock yarn into 2 equal balls so that the stripes are not upside down?

Pixie, is it easier to just work from 2 ends of the same ball if striping doesn't matter?

Knittinannie said...

As for the winding one skein into 2
balls, I use a ball winder using the 2 ends together..then, I find the end & wind each piece of yarn easier way? I wish
I knew
usually, knitting from the inside on one ball & knitting from the outside on the other will get the stripes going the right way
....but not always....sigh

VickiR said...

I'm leaving at 7 am on the 19th for an international doll expo in Orlando but will take my laptop and my knitting and try to get started on time!!
Vicki R (doll sculptor)

Angela :o) said...

I know everyone's chomping at the bit to start, but I'm thankful for the week to finish up WIP's. I have a pair of socks that just need the cuff (and inlaws coming Friday.) Thank goodness they know of my addiction...erm....Knitting hobby.

Love, Ang

jmendel said...

Hi,this is the only way I usually do all my socks. To wind a 100 gram ball into two balls I use a food scale. Weigh the ball and then wind until about 1/2 is gone, reweigh and then try to match the pattern. I have six pairs going now. I usually work until I get the gussets done on a couple pair and then turn the heels all at once.

Jan said...

I'm glad for the week to get things ready! My local LYS just started a 2 socks on 2 circs class so I am learning all kinds of techniques! Socks Rule!

Anonymous said...

I am anxiously waiting to start.
Love Ya
Janet in New Mexico

Mary in AZ said...

Am so glad to see there are so many of us who want to do the ML CT&H way. I can hardly wait. I have 2 skeins of red Trampoline sitting on my desk looking at me waiting to be socks. Yea!

Mary in AZ