Monday, January 8, 2007

Admin Post: Blog Stuff

A couple of things as we get this KAL going.

- Pixie is leading the KAL, since she knows how to follow the CTH method on 1 long circular (Magic Loop). All posts that are official "instructions", etc. for the KAL will be tagged KAL, and can be found together by clicking on the 'KAL' label at the right.

- Ann (that's me) is maintaining the blog for the KAL. All Administrative posts will be tagged 'Admin' and can be found together by clicking on the 'Admin' label at the right.

- If you'd like your blog or flickr or any other thing linked to your name under the list of KAL Participants at right, please email me.

- Likewise, if you'd like your name changed on the list of participants, email me.

- All members of the KAL can post to the blog. If you are responding to someone else's post, please use the 'Comments' feature. If you are starting a new topic, then create a new post.

- If anyone has graphic talent and wants to create a button for this KAL for others to put on their blogs, feel free to do so!

- And if anyone wants to create a graphic for the header or elsewhere on this blog, go for it. If not, this blog will simply maintain its generic flavor.

- Lastly, this is my first time hosting a KAL blog. If anyone has any suggestions/comments/how-tos that would be helpful, please let me know.


K2Karen said...

Thanks, Ann, for your hard work pulling the blog together!

Pixie said...

Ann -- AWESOME job on the blog and the intro post! Thank you!

clumberknits said...

Thanks, ladies :)

Barb said...

Thanks, for organizing this for us.

Mary in AZ said...

Great job, Ann. Thank you.